Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Crockery Issue

Mom was a champion china buster and pan rattler. We all agreed that you could tell if she was in the kitchen by the noise level. Fortunately, neither Mom nor Dad really cared if they broke every dish in the house between them and us.

Two stories come to mind about their attitudes. The first one involves a couple who came to dinner. The husband complained that his wife had broken one of the cups in their set of good china. My father took that opportunity to go into the kitchen and bring out a soup bowl that was filled to heaping with cup and soup bowl handles. Dad said, "Oh, you mean like these?" The guest husband was aghast, and Dad was delighted to have shocked him.

The other story is of the melamine incident. Sometime during the 50s, melamine dishes came out, and were touted as being unbreakable. Of COURSE Dad immediately threw them on the floor to watch them bounce. One hit exactly wrong and broke; Dad crowed triumphantly ...they were breakable after all.


Poet said...

It might be mentioned that Mom's china pattern was Spode, rather pricey. We ate off those plates, etc. each night for years -- broken soup bowls and dinner plates were regularly replaced due to breakage.

Enjah said...

AND ... according to Laura, Dad did the very same thing with a Corelle plate, when that version of "unbreakable" came out!

Enjah said...

It also might be mentioned that their china was very heavy and not terribly fragile. Imagine if it had been thin and translucent? They would have had to replace the entire set several times!

Anonymous said...

ooo enjah...that's a these stories...what delightfully pecular parents we had!!! LOL

I forgot my password so put anonymous!!! sorry.