Wednesday, June 11, 2008

flight of the rare bird

a soft purr of red
she fled
over midnight terrain

airport run-a-way rearview mirror
overhead New York plane roared
lost her head
as mirrored bits
flew off her fist

an insistent wail
hot on her tail
broken clouds forever rain

a stolen glance back
flash of red lights
they had arrived

closing in
blue uniforms
grabbed at manic butterfly

trail of soot black tears
over sallow cheeks
crush of glass

forced into a beige cocoon
wrapped too tightly
and no ribbon
she collapsed

pretty mama pretty
your turquoise dream
what a pity
birthday package of pain

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ROBYN !!! OMG>>>

what can i say but how much this

I am sory for her....sorry for us...better luck ??? next life ??? what a magnificent woman our dear mother was. what a magnificent poem this her honour.

Thank You, dear One.