Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cofrin Family

I found Peter, Tish, Doug, and Andrew: no John or Penny


Anonymous said...

robyn, Are these your photos?

They are really great and brings waves of memories.
Where you close to Peter? Or was Ellen?
I know Ellen is in touch with Tishy... are you? and Penny?

robyn said...

I am going to assume this is my sister B posting. The photos are from publications and Andrew's head shot is from his movie in 1981. I goggled Penny and saw a current picture of her-she looks healthy and vibrant. The only person I've not been able see an image of is John.
I am currently not in-touch with anyone from this family.

for anymore questions let's use email.

Tish said...

I have read all your postings, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce. I think we were so fortunate to have lived almost our entire childhoods in the same place and with such extraordinary and wonderful people. I I want you to know that we are having a memorial for my brother Pete on Oct. 4th (Sat.) at 1 - 3 on the UWGB campus in the Mary Ann Cofrin hall. We (the Cofrin family) would be so happy to see some of the Flatley family there (or anywhere). Thank you for sharing your memories.
With love,
Tish Cofrin Shepard

Anonymous said...

Hi Tish,
This is Betsy aka botz....tomorrow is the memorial and sadly I cannot leave Portland for GB. It sounds like the perfect place to honor Peter.
What an amazing group of families we shared on the block. These huge families were our first impressions of what life is like. I always loved your mother. I am still in touch with Alison ((Puppy)), my first friend in the whole world...and she will be there tomorrow. Wish I could be...Lovingly, b

Abby said...

I wasn't going to say anything but- you called my mom "Tishy" I am going to laugh about that one for a long, long time. Thank you.