Thursday, July 24, 2008

What If WE Went Back?

Just a thought. I am watching "Peggy Sue Got Married", and I wonder what I would do if I were back in high school? What would YOU do, knowing what you know now?


robyn said...

I would have tried to get help. All through my life I have been primarily in a fearful reactive state. If I had gotten help early on I might have made some very different choices. My teenage theory on life was one of a wounded person.

I’d have liked a mother who was kind to me.

also I would have made money- who knew money would become so important, I was such a hippie. I call the american dream the every escaping horizon cuz it's never near enough to reach.

Enjah said...

In my return there are the same conditions, mother, father etc. but knowing what I know now, as the old saying goes.

I would do my homework, finish higher in my class, and go to college. I would work, earn money and travel.

I would learn to visualize and work on myself much earlier than I did.

I would buy a house on a piece of land in northern california, near a coastal town, with a view of the ocean, and live there, letting the land revert to woods, except for a small garden area near the house.